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Su-27UB (breakdown)

Quite a few people requested the breakdown progress of my wip.
This one includes texturing pages and background drop (matte painting).
So here it is..
Main page diffuse and specular, and landing gears diffuse specular page.
(with a mild weathering grimes)
*Original size are twice bigger.

Main Page Diffuse

Main Page Specular

Gear Page Diffuse

Gear Page Specular

Background breakdown.
Simply using sky photos, tree and grass photos elements..
combined with some 3d grass renders.
All was using free sources photos from



(Modeling) Shaping with FFD modifier

Heres a technique that I mostly used in the modeling to fix or shaping a highly dense mesh.
(see the 2nd attachment for a better explanation)
Notice it gives a much cleaner results instead pulling the vertices manually one by one.
You can set the FFD as a shortcut, which I mostly uses are the 2x2x2 or 3x3x3 or custom (box)
Hopes this technique found useful for people in the modeling, and if you have any suggestions
or a request, feel free to ask.

Shaping with FFD
–click to enlarge–


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Hi, my name is Egar, and i started my 3D career back in 2004 until 2015, now its just a hobby i do for a passion in aircraft subjects.

Some of my 3d models are available on sale, links below.

Thanks for visiting.

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