My profile prints

Im recently selling my side profile 3d works in Aviationgraphic.com
Click the image for a direct purchase site link, or you can visit my full catalogue prints at
Peiper catalogue prints
To read the feedback comments, visit their facebook page at Aviationgraphic Facebook

Mi-24P DDR Front profile

Mi-24P Soviet Front profile

Mi-24 Superhind Algeria Front profile

Su-30M2 Akula Front profile

Su-27UB Russian Knights Front profile

Su-27UB Ukraine Front profile

Su-30MKV AMBV Front profile

Su-30MKK PLAAF Front profile

Su-30MK2V VPAF Front profile

Su-30MK2 TNI AU Front profile

Su-30MK2 TNI AURear profile


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Started 3D back in 2004.

Focuses on poly modelling both low and high poly, texturing, and visualizations.

A fulltime working on property development projects.


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